10 Best Tech Conferences for Web Hosting Companies

Why should you visit tech conferences?

As our world is changing quickly, new types of technologies are constantly being made. To keep up with the rapid pace of the technology changes and to learn more about the most advanced solutions, we highly recommend everyone to visit at least 1 tech conference every year.

Fortunately, there are countless opportunities to meet with the industry leaders and learn about the latest trends. Also, these tech conferences help you with more than just discovering new tools.

As the list of exhibitions could be very long, we’ve collected the top 10 events recommended especially for hosting companies and cloud service providers:

  • Cloudfest
  • WebPros Summit
  • WordCamp
  • WordSesh
  • AWS re:Invent
  • Managed services & hosting summit 
  • Cloud Expo Asia 
  • DrupalCon
  • Cloud Talk Global
  • OX Summit 2020


Date: March 14-19, 2020
Location: Germany, Rust, Europa-Park

Cloudfest (formerly known as WHD.Global) is absolutely our favorite conference throughout the year. It is a week-long festival where you can hear the industry’s leading voices, view the latest innovations, deepen your knowledge on hands-on workshops and enjoy the exceptional networking events.

Check out the 2019 recap:


BitNinja has been an exhibitor at Cloudfest over the past few years and it won’t be different this year either. You shouldn’t miss this brilliant event, so join us at Cloudfest at booth R42 in 2020. 😉 Or, if you won’t have the opportunity to come and meet us there, follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram and we’ll keep you up-to-date during the event.

Need a free pass for Cloudfest? Use our code for the registration: myQyQw69

WebPros Summit

The date and location are not announced yet, but we assume that it’ll be placed in Atlanta in autumn again.

The first annual WebPros Summit was in 2019 and it was built on the previous success of the annual cPanel Conference. This 3-day event brings the best professionals to one place. WebPros Summit is a highly technical conference that is not only to bring the web hosting community together but it also offers fun networking events.

Image source: WebPros Summit Facebook Page

We are proud that we could be sponsors of WebPros Summit 2019 . Will you meet us at this conference in 2020? 😉


Date: several events through the year
Location: several cities worldwide

“WordPress powers the internet”, so it’s not a question that there are conferences out there that focus specifically on WordPress. WordCamp conferences are the most popular and biggest ones of them all. There are several WordCamps worldwide , so you can find the most suitable time and date for joining to the WordPress users at this event and learn about how to use WP more effectively, including topics about plugins, themes, security, etc.

We personally recommend the following two WordCamps:

  • WordCamp Europe: June 4-6, 2020, Porto, Portugal
  • WordCamp US: October 27-29, 2020, St. Louis, Missouri


Date:  Asia/Pacific – March 18, 2020
           Americas – May 27, 2020
           Europe/Middle East/Africa – Sept 2, 2020
Location: Live, virtual conference

Nowadays, it is not always necessary to travel in order to attend a conference. WordSesh is a great example. It’s a live, virtual conference with great talks and, of course, there is a networking opportunity via chat too. Every presentation is available on WPSessions , so you don’t have to worry if you can’t make it for the live broadcast.

AWS re:Invent

Date: Nov. 30 - Dec.4, 2020
Location: Las Vegas

AWS re:Invent is a learning conference for developers, engineers, system administrators, system architects and technical decision makers hosted by Amazon Web Services. The event will offer the visitors:

  • Keynote announcements
  • Training and certification opportunities
  • Access to more than 2,500 technical sessions
  • A partner expo
  • After-hours events

Image source: Amazon Web Services Facebook page

Managed Services Summit  

Date: 16 Sept, 2020
Location: London, UK

If you don’t have much time to travel and spend days at a conference, Managed Services Summit will be perfect for you. This 1-day summit is a must-attend event for any senior decision-maker in the ICT channel. Learn from high-level presentations and, of course, meet and discuss with potential business partners at Managed Services Summit in London.

Cloud Expo Asia  

Date: 14-15 Oct, 2020
Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Image source: Cloud Expo Asia

Looking for hundreds of international technology exhibitors and expert speakers to learn more about cloud services, DevOps, IoT technologies, data management and protection, etc.? Then we recommend Cloud Expo Asia, which is a 2-day event in Singapore.


Date: 18-22 May, 2020
Location: Minneapolis

DrupalCon is the perfect place to gather in person and learn from the best Drupal experts and other Drupal users. During this event, you can choose from a huge number of events:

  • Keynotes & Sessions
  • Summits & Training
  • Networking & Collaboration

This conference is not only designed for developers. Content strategists and marketers will learn a lot too.

Cloud Talk Global

Date: 21 April, 2020
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

More than 2,000 participants and almost 1,000 companies from 15 countries from the cloud computing sector will be at the same place. This is the Cloud Talk Global, perfect place to learn about the latest technologies such as Kubernetes, Docker, IoT, Microservices, Security, etc.

OX Summit 2020

Time and location will be announced soon.

Image source: Open Xchange

The annual OX Summit, hosted by Open-Xchange, is purposed to gather the customers and partners of Open-Xchange to talk about product developments, business intelligence and technology standards in the telco, mobile, hosting and cable carriers market.

Never stop improving yourself and your business

Stay on top of the emerging trends in the industry by visiting tech conferences, meet with like-minded people and learn about the most advanced technologies.

I hope that you found the most suitable event for you from this list and maybe we’ll meet at one of them. 😉

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