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Other Uncategorized Festive Season 2022: The Flashback 

In the coming weeks, we will focus on end-of-year campaigns. Black Friday and the shopping fever of the festive season will soon be here. But can we really expect a shopping spree? No one needs to be told that the current world economic situation strongly questions this year's shopping spirit.  Therefore, as this year is […]

Other Why Q4 is the Most Dangerous Time of the Year

This quarter of the year is when there are celebrations, festivals, and occasions all around the world. This is the best time to relax and take vacations to enjoy life with your loved ones. While most people relax in the last quarter, the world sees a surge in the number of cyber attacks. Security is […]

Trending An Inside Look at Website Builders: Meet CEO - Filip Borcov

This summer, we were excited to team up with BitNinja is server security that’s ideal for web hosting companies and offers the best website builder for webhosts, so it was a natural partnership. We sat down with CEO Filip Borcov to discuss the story behind, the latest trends in website builders and […]

Release notes How to protect your company and yourself from insulters?

There’s one thing in IT security that cannot be patched as many other vulnerabilities: human beings. And as far as the ‘human factor’ is much of a concern, it is our responsibility to educate and protect our employees, customers and businesses from hacks. Data Breach and Social Engineering Data breach stands for the unsolicited phishing […]

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