We believe in …

We believe every server owner is responsible for their servers. If they have been hacked - and used for cybercrime - the owner is almost as guilty as the hacker is.

We believe that giant entities, such as banks, the fintech sector, governments, and militaries aren’t the only ones who need - and should be able to afford - high-tech cyber security.

We believe that every single server owner deserves a comprehensive, easy-to-use, highly automated security tool to protect their assets against hackers.

We believe cyber terrorists are still – terrorists. Hacked accounts and servers are used to fund terrorist attacks all over the world. This is why we need to stand in unity, and together, fight to stop them.

Our passion is to make the Internet a safer place, utilizing our easy-to-use technology, to fight and ultimately put an end to cybercrime.

„All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” - Edmund Burke

Meet the BitNinja Family

Our team is proud to have over 15 years of experience managing and operating a successful web hosting company. With more than 50 servers hosting thousands of websites, we faced an everyday battle against hackers. Years ago we noticed an increasing problem: cybercrime was growing and evolving, hackers and cybercriminals were using more advanced tactics to exploit servers on the Internet.

We couldn’t ensure the security of our servers beyond applying continuous updates. To make matters worse, we started losing customers after a series of downtimes. We quickly realized that server security is not a question of a single component but is about several components working together to harden a server. This inspired us to create BitNinja, an all-in-one security solution designed for hosting providers.

Now we’re ready to take it to the next level: helping more people with the latest server security technologies combined in one easy-to-use security suite.

Join our mission to make the Internet a safer place.

George Egri George Egri

George Egri

Jozsef Palfi Jozsef Palfi

Jozsef Palfi

Viktoria Vereb Viktoria Vereb

Viktoria Vereb

Boglarka Angalet Boglarka Angalet

Boglarka Angalet

Community Executive
Judit Barnacz Judit Barnacz

Judit Barnacz

Financial Manager
Jozsef Konnyu Jozsef Konnyu

Jozsef Konnyu

Service Engineer/DevOps
Zoltan Toma Zoltan Toma

Zoltan Toma

Software Engineer/DevOps
Nikolett Hegedus Nikolett Hegedus

Nikolett Hegedus

Software Engineer/DevOps
Ferenc Barta Ferenc Barta

Ferenc Barta

Technical Support Engineer
Eniko Toth Eniko Toth

Eniko Toth

Account Manager