FCKEditor 2.0 < 2.2 – ‘FileManager connector.php’ Arbitrary File Upload

Details of BNVL-2019-0021

What does the BNVL label mean?

BitNinja Server Security’s BNVL identifiers are intended for use to identify publicly known information security vulnerabilities in publicly released software packages. This project was designed to collect and analyze attack information from the BitNinja network after cluster analysis by the AI-powered Attack Vector Miner. More than 100 vulnerability types have been discovered with this project so far, so we decided to publish this platform to help to keep Linux server owners up-to-date.

Important! All listed BNVL vulnerabilities are protected by BitNinja PRO, so please check your configurations if your infrastructure is affected by any of them.

Syntax for BNVL labels:

BNVL prefix + Year + Arbitrary Digits

Name : 
FCKEditor 2.0 < 2.2 – ‘FileManager connector.php’ Arbitrary File Upload
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if a user cam call directly


he can upload malicious contempt on a target server, including arbitrary
php code, and launch commands on it

this works when php connector is enabled in config.php and when, ex.,
in Apache httpd.conf “AddType application/x-httpd-php” directive we have
an extension not specified in FCKEditor Config[DeniedExtensions][File] array.

However, FCKeditor is integrated in a lot of applications, and if you
succeed to upload the shell (see details in the output of this script)
search for a local inclusion issue inside of them and include the uploaded file

Pattern: FCKeditor/editor/filemanager/connectors/php/connector.php