New Generation Dashboard Is On The Way
Akos Molnar

New Generation Dashboard Is On The Way

It will be more customizable, quicker and will provide you more information. We have already redesigned the header and given a new style to it. In the upcoming weeks you will be able to observe more changes on the admin page.

We are launching the new BitNinja dashboard (Security Console) step-by-step. First we upgrade the most used pages so we started with the Firewall section. The loading of the blacklist and whitelist is much faster than before and the searching became more simple and quicker. The next step in the dashboard (Security Console) adaptation will be the dashboard screen, which provides the information about the attack waves in the past 24 hours.

Our Defense Robot is smarter than ever! If it finds a suspicious malware, it validates the malware automatically. That means we can easily discover the original malwares, determine the exact intrusion points and fix them.

We reduced the data traffic. From now on BitNinja only downloads the changes which were made.

We have deployed a feature which is aimed to fight against targeted hacking, this honeypot is setting up traps against humans.

The frontend port has been fixed so authorities can track the IP address of those hackers who use NAT networks.

You could have read about our new malware detection system. It works really fine by the way, check the top 5 malware signatures here! Now it is automated. If 3 or more users add the same malware signature then it will be uploaded to the global database. And don't forget that you can create your own malware signatures!

Coming soon

  • WHMCS extension
  • Automatic WAF rule testing

We are always happy to help you, so feel free to contact us at or on the Dashboard chat if you have any questions or need assistance.

Stay safe and happy hacker-hunting!

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