Useful facts in cybersecurity landscape
Anita Batari

Useful facts in cybersecurity landscape

Today's post is a little eccentric.

Thanks to the Crozdesk's  IT & Security we show you a really good infographic.

You can check the past, the present and the future of the cybersecurity and the ITsecurity solutions.

  • Which are the biggest fears?
  • What are we expecting from a cybersecurity software?
  • What kind of tools do you require to prevent attacks?

You can find answers here:

Which weapons are available in BitNinja?

  • Malware Detection
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention System - with our greylist
  • Denial of Service prevention
  • Security Analytics - with SenseLog module
  • Honeypots

Not only these but…

  • Antiflood
  • Outbound WAF
  • HTTPS protection

... are ready to keep you safe.

You can buy lots of expensive software or try BitNinja.

The choice is yours!  :)

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