Upcoming Developments
Eniko Toth

Upcoming Developments

We have some questions for you:

1. Do you want a server security software which is so easy-to-use that you have almost nothing to do with it?

2. Would you like to understand better the operations of BitNinja?

3. Are you dreaming about a software which is always up-to-date and gets improved day by day?

We know that all your answers are YES and we keep your wishes in our mind every day. You are an inspiration to us so we worked very hard for you in the last quarter and it had many results:

We jumped into the Q3 with full of energy and we would like to sum up what we are working on now. 

Let’s take a look at the recent projects:

1. Plesk integration

Plesk is the 2nd largest control panel in the world, so we wouldn’t be surprised if you are already using it. A great partnership between BitNinja and Plesk has already started, so you’ll be able to find us on the Plesk’s extension list soon. The Plesk users will be in love with this unique cooperation. The technical side is already done, so now we are only working on the final touches. It means you don’t have to wait much for its release.

2. Mature WAF

We say goodbye for the old WAF Beta and soon we’ll welcome the brand new Mature WAF. It will bring you many new features for example domain whitelisting, new rules, etc... . We know that this module will fascinate you and it’ll happen soon.

3. False-positive terminating

This will be the attendant of the Mature WAF. It will reduce our already low false positive rate, which was 0,13% according to the latest statistics.

4. Reseller login to customer Dashboard

We received some requests from our resellers about the user interface. Moreover, some of these Ninjastic partners noted in the WHD.global 2017 that it would be great if they could login into their clients’ Dashboard. This option would make their life easier as they will be able to manage their users’ servers, make the appropriate settings, etc. In this way, the clients would be more satisfied too. As you can see, if you have a good idea, we’ll make it real, so make a wish on Wantoo in a couple of few days and let us know what should be our next project.

5. Manual + scheduled Malware Detection

Originally the Malware Detection module only examines the new files, so we use to recommend to make a manual scanning. Up until now, you could only do this in the CLI but soon it will be available on the Dashboard using only one click. Furthermore, not only will you be able to initiate a single scan, but you can also schedule it.

6. SenseLog extension

We perceived an increasing demand from those who are using other platforms other than Plesk or cPanel because the log files are located in different directories, so the popular SenseLog module will examine those directories too. It’ll be able to collect more information which will result in a more effective protection on your servers. Thanks to this project, the SenseLog will be extended with new patterns and BitNinja will support Nginx too.

7. CLI handle ranges + CLI comment

Black/whitelisting IP ranges is an available option on the Dashboard for a long time now, but we’ll build this feature in the CLI too. Furthermore, if you put an IP to your own white/blacklist through the CLI, you’ll also be able to add a comment

(You can already do this on the  Dashboard.)

All these projects are purposed to meet your needs better and if you have any ideas about how we could make our great partnership even better, please tell us via e-mail or on Wantoo

(The Wantoo will only be open in the next couple of days.)

How do you like these developments? 

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