The benefits of Free Licence
Eniko Toth

The benefits of Free Licence

What kind of protection does the Free Version provide? What features are available on the Dashboard if I only have free licences?

These are frequently asked questions and now, we would like to summarize the answers to those users who only use the Free Version on their servers. This overview can also help if you have some doubts regarding the BitNinja or it can assist even those clients of ours, who would like to learn a bit more about the Dashboard.

Let’s begin, shall we?

What’s the difference between the Pro and the Free Versions?

The Free Version provides only basic protection for your servers. With it, you won’t be exposed to the most vicious ~2500 IPs, which are listed on our Essential List. Furthermore, you have the option to put IPs and countries to your own user blacklist/whitelist.
This version doesn't contain the pro modules like Advanced IP reputation, WAF, Port and Web Honeypots, Malware Detection, DoS Detection etc.

How can I start using the Free Version of BitNinja?

After installing BitNinja on your server, a 7-day free trial will start, with full functionality and no liabilities. It means that during the 7 days, you’ll get the Pro Version, so you can see it for yourself how effective the Ninja Shield is.

It is important, that no credit card is needed for the trial. You can give your credit card/PayPal details whenever you want if you would like to enjoy the benefits of the Pro Version. Adding your payment details doesn’t mean you cannot choose the Free Version. You can change the licences of each server as you wish.
When the trial expires, the licence will change to free automatically if you didn’t add your credit card details or didn’t choose to get pro licence on that server.

Are you ready to join our journey to make the Internet a safer place?
Start the trial now. 

Dashboard features

Event log

After logging in to the Dashboard, on the right side of the page you’ll see the Events logpanel, which was created to follow all the happenings on your server in real-time. It shows that the Bitninja is active and is working on your servers. If you want to know more about any events, just click on the IP or on your servers name and choose the Logs menu, so you can analyze all the actions that happened on your server.

You can turn off these notifications on the top right corner of the page next to the search field.

Search field

You can search for any IPs and check the attacks coming from them. You can also search for your own domains and servers to find all the malicious actions that were caught by BitNinja. 

Servers menu

This is the main page of the Dashboard. The new card view makes it easy to manage your servers. If your payment details have been added previously, you can change the licence on the top left corner of each card with the switch.

On the card, you can check which version is running on your server. BitNinja will automatically update the newest version. It’s possible that it doesn't happen, but if you experience anything like this, our doc site helps you with updating it manually.
The card will tell you other information as well, such as the licence type, the IP reputation size, the load on your server and the status of the modules. By clicking the „Show modules” you’ll see that in the Free Version the IP reputation is enabled by default

If you want to learn more about what’s going on your server, just click on its name or the 3 vertical dots on the right top of the cards. This will offer you more useful options, which help you to see how the hacker-hunting is going.

In the Servers menu, you can add new servers, switch back to the old server view if you prefer that and create server groups, which can be a huge help to categorize your servers if you have already added more than one.

Files menu

In this menu, you can check the operation of the Malware Detection and the Outbound WAF modules. If you have (or if you had) servers with Pro licences, here you can find information about the captured files.

Modules menu

The modules can be switched in the Servers menu on the cards too, but it’s a separate menu only for these settings. As the Free Version offers only 1 module, and it’s enabled by default, this menu can be only useful if you have Pro servers too.

Analyze menu

It allows you to check how many attack attempts reached your server - based on the incident types or time ranges - anytime.

After specifying the date range, you can additionally select specific IPs, incident types and/or servers. If you feel a bit unsure about the meaning of the incident types, click the question mark and you’ll get a short description about them.

IP Manager menu

If you think that an IP can be harmful to you and want to deny its access to your servers, just put it on your own blacklist. Furthermore, if you experience a large number of attacks from specific countries, you can easily blacklist them too. You can find this option on the right top of the IP Manager menu.

You can put IPs and countries not only on your own blacklist, but also on your whitelist, but be careful with them, because BitNinja won’t catch the attacks from the whitelisted IPs and countries, so only use this option if you are 100% sure that they are safe.

Settings menu

Here you can see and change the basic information of your account such as e-mail address, passwords, time zone, e-mail notifications etc.
We would like to highlight an important setting here: the log obfuscation. You can specify how much data about the incidents on your server can appear to the others.

There’s one more frequently asked thing here: your licence key, what you have to use when you install BitNinja on a new server. (It will be automatically in the one-line installation code.)

The Settings menu provide another feature, the integration. If you use CloudFlare too, you can integrate with BitNinja easily here.

Payment menu

If you want to buy pro licences, please add your credit card/PayPal details and the billing address in this menu.
Don’t worry! 

As we mentioned previously, you can choose between the free and pro licences as you please after adding the payment details too.
If the details have been added, you can edit them, check out the next payment periods and download invoices.

Users menu

In order to ease your job, invite your colleagues, who can reach only some functions of the Dashboard, for example with an Accountant role, only the Invoices will be available or the Server Group Operator can manage only a specified server group, what you can create in the Servers menu.

Feedback menu

Leave us a message without opening your mailbox. Feel free to contact us if there’s anything we can help with. Share us your feedbacks, questions or ideas and our Support Ninjas will get back to you ASAP.

As you can see, hacker-hunting can be enjoyable for every BitNinja user, but if you want to sleep 100% calm, take care of the server security with the BitNinja Pro, which provides you an all-in-one protection.

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