Release note on 1.12.5 version
Nikoletta Szabo

Release note on 1.12.5 version

Nikoletta Szabo

Today (2016, 07 Nov) we released the newest version of BitNinja. Let’s see what has changed:

SenseLog supervisors can be disabled in /etc/bitninja/SenseLog/config.ini

CaptchaHttp now checks remote address at connection time

From now on the BitNinja captcha is able to determine the performer of the connection in the exact moment when the connection has been established.

DosDetection LocalIp filter undefined interface address bug fixed

Turkish translation added to CaptchaHttp

You can configure your own captcha with the use of our documentation site.

Joomla Brute force detection rule added to SenseLog

If a hacker attempts to bruteforce the login site of Joomla, the IP will be greylisted by BitNinja.

New Plesk logroute added to SenseLog

We have been notified that the route to Plesk has changed, so our developers modified it to the new one.

Stay Tuned for the next Version Release Note!

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