Configure your Railgun server to see proper logs
Nikoletta Szabo

Configure your Railgun server to see proper logs

Nikoletta Szabo

Many of our customers who use Cloudflare have recently notified us that they are not able to see the proper visitor IPs in the logs only the railgun server IPs. It is caused due to the fact that the requests are not directly coming from Cloudflare, so mod_cloudflare will not restore the IP’s of the visitor. That is why we would like to ask you to configure the mod_cloudflare.

What is a Railgun server?

How do I fix this?

  1. Open your Apache configuration ( if you do not know where to find it, ask your hosting provider for assitance )
  2. At the very end add:
    CloudFlareRemoteIPTrustedProxy railgun_address
  3. If you have more servers to add, it should look like this:

Following this tiny configuration you will be able to see the adequate logs on our Dashboard.

If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact our support team: info at bitninja dot io

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