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BitNinja blocked

attack attempts so far

    What protection do you use now on your servers?

    BitNinja is better

    Easy to install

    One-step installation provides immediate protection for your servers in minutes. Even if they are under attack.

    Ready to use

    BitNinja Server Security doesn’t require any setup or maintenance. Automated updates take care of the client being up-to-date.

    Defense network

    We provide the protection of a self-learning ecosystem. Every BitNinja protected server learns from every single attack and the system applies this information automatically on all other servers. This way the shield becomes more and more powerful with every single attack.

    Increased reliability

    No more sleepless nights or angry, hacked customers. Enjoy the reduced server load and network traffic. Save money and the time of your IT-team with BitNinja.

    Eliminate attacks

    Shield your servers and your customers’ sites from hackers. Protect your server from malicious attacks, coming through either HTTP, SSH, FTP, POP3, IMAP or SMTP.

    DoS protection

    DoS type of attacks are emerging on the internet day by day. BitNinja makes your server able to protect itself from application layer DoS attacks.

    No redirection

    You do not need redirect your domains. Working with domain redirection means that your traffic has to flow through a third-party, which poses a high risk. By using BitNinja your sensitive data does not leave your system, and your extant infrastructure does not require any changes.

    No limitations

    You can install it on any number of servers. And there is no traffic limitation, since the client is running on your own server. The only limitation is your server’s NIC card and your Internet connectivity.

    • MightWeb

      Looking forward to see BitNinja keep evolving and become a standard in the industry.

    • M. Fritz

      I chose you because I am handling some DDoS attacks […]. Also you are at a better layer than cloudflare where I have to pay for everything extra.
      DDoS is running again and the server still keeps up, thank you. I will recommend you to others as a good protection service.

    • CloudWired

      We will be using BitNinja technology on our servers! The CloudFlare of server security 😉

    • Arvixe

      I have to say, your service is such a God-send. We have been looking for something like this for months and were about to develop one in-house.

    • Ainsley McDougal
      Digital Pure, LLC

      I really like the simplicity of the design, and I love the idea of having saas based security as I am not a security expert but I have a few servers that I host my design clients on and need to keep them secure. […]I have loved the IP protection without having to use something like CloudFlare as a reverse proxy and the performance issues that come with that system.

    • James Innes

      I am currently testing BitNinja on some of our servers and I am more than impressed with the performance of the product so far. I will certainly be singing your praises throughout the web hosting community at every chance I get, keep up the good work and hope we have a long standing partnership.

    • Edy Budiman

      Dewaweb relies on BitNinja to protect our cloud servers. We love its quick setup and excellent protection against botnets.

    • Marcell Csendes
      BroHosting Int.

      I am very satisfied with the BitNinja. I love the amazing service they provide, because it protects against lots of attacks. I also appreciate their extraordinary fast and kind support. They are the best!

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